The Campaign for SDSU

Over the last week, we had a number of events to kick off the public phase of our comprehensive fundraising campaign. Our campaign goal is to raise $500 million and I am proud to say that we are more than halfway there.

I write to share a few reflections on the campaign.  The campaign comes at a pivotal moment in the university’s history. We have enjoyed great success. As a new president, it has been my privilege to come to know this special university – to see how we are educating future leaders, how our research and creative endeavors are addressing society’s challenges, and how we are engaging with our community. We are poised to move to the next level and private philanthropy is absolutely essential for this next step.

Funds are necessary to support our extraordinary students. This support is for students from diverse backgrounds; for students who face economic hardship; for students with special academic, artistic and athletic gifts; for students who are veterans; and for students like our Guardian Scholars who were raised in the foster care system. In summary, it is for students who will, as a group, shape the future of our society.

Funds are also necessary to support our exceptional faculty and staff members. This support is for faculty and staff members who are educating the next generation of leaders; who are conducting cutting-edge research; who are addressing pressing social problems; who are advancing the arts and humanities; and who are partnering with the community and supporting economic development. In summary, for faculty and staff members who are carrying out the core mission of the university

This is an exciting time and we have much work to do to support our community. I am confident we will succeed.

More information about the Campaign for SDSU can be found at:

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