Super Sundays

I recently had the pleasure of participating in my first Super Sunday events at Bayview Baptist Church and St. Stephens Church of God in Christ. For those of you unfamiliar with Super Sunday, it is a  University-wide recruitment event that aims to enroll more African-American students. My experience was exhilarating.

Both congregations are extraordinary, filled with love, faith and pride.  Further, each has a deep connection to San Diego State University with many church members who are SDSU alumni and many more who have connections to the university through friends and family.

The members of  Bayview Baptist and St. Stephens and their esteemed leaders, Pastor Winters and Bishop McKinney, respectively, recognize the fundamental value of education and they are committed to a partnership in which we affirm the values of excellence and access for local area students.

I left each church excited about our prospects to enroll, retain and graduate more African-American students from our local community. I know that, working in partnership, we will support and advance our students, our community and our society.

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