Leadership Starts Here

At San Diego State, Leadership Starts Here is a bold statement of the university’s ethos. It is a promise fulfilled by the many contributions of our alumni, faculty, staff, community partners and students.

This past Saturday, I attended our Student Affairs conference on leadership and  I want to comment briefly on the leadership our students are demonstrating. Every day, I see evidence of SDSU students taking leadership roles on campus and in the community. They face challenges. They raise questions and issues. They overcome adversity. They envision and embrace a brighter future

Think about what our young people have seen in their short lives—an attack on their country on Sept. 11, 2001; two wars; environmental threats to the earth they will inherit; and the most significant and prolonged economic challenges in almost a century.

Our students could have become discouraged or fearful in the face of these events. Instead, they have become leaders. They have served our nation, launched environmental initiatives, raised fundamental questions about our societal practices and values, supported our community and demonstrated the entrepreneurial energy that is the key to rebuilding our economy.

Leadership Starts Here!

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  1. It is unbelievable how the alum of SDSU are changing the face of San Diego. I recently started a Travel business online called InTheCitySanDiego.com and am excited to help shape both people view and experience of our great city

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